Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Family Bible Study

I wanted to share the bible study my family is doing right now. My niece-in-law introduced me to David Platt's teaching last year (I think) and we started off by reading his book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream .  WOW, what an eye opener!!! Then about half-way through, we stopped and started a video series by him called Threads of the Gospel. We are finishing up this part and then we will return to the Radical book.
I cannot say enough good things about both of these. The book helped me to see how that our culture has influenced how I interpret the Bible and what my purpose REALLY is.
I thought I knew the Gospel until I watched and studied The Threads of the Gospel. Now I feel confident that I not only understand it, but can explain it to others!!!  Something I have ALWAYS struggled with is sharing the gospel. I realized after this study that it was because I really didn't understand it. The videos are an hour long (my kids always whine) but he is a younger guy and keeps my teen's attention. Also included are "helps": message notes, small group guide, and a family worship guide that is divided into age groups. We are throwing in some additional lessons on Understanding Salvation that hopefully I will be able to share very soon.
If you are looking for a better understanding of the Gospel, or looking for a good family bible study (especially great for Teens!) I highly recommend these :)

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