Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's time to plan for VBS!!!!!!!!!!

Vacation Bible School is my absolute favorite thing to plan for!!!! As a child I went to ALL the VBSes in my small town and after I had kids, I love to be a part of the VBS planning. The church I attend now is TINY and my sister-in-law and I get to plan our VBSes. We have come up with our own the past 2 years and will again this year. I always follow the leading of the Lord when picking a theme and usually they have to do with a need in our community/world. Below are what we have done so far.

     2013: Courageous: Faith over Fear
In this VBS we showed how people in the bible showed bravery in face of extreme opposition. Each day the lessons were shown on a "television" as a newscast and the bible characters were interviewed.

     2014: Army of the Lord
This VBS was a boot camp to learn how to prepare ourselves to be in God's Army, learn who the enemy is and what our weapons are.

     2015: DinoQuest: Digging for the Truth
This year's is in the planning stage and is coming together very quickly! In lieu of the new Jurassic World movie coming out, I wanted to go with a dinosaur theme. The lessons will be on creation. Did you know that one of the main reasons children who have been brought up in church all their lives leave the church as adults is that there is conflict about the creation of  all things? They are taught in school about evolution and Darwinism and if the church doesn't disprove it, they disregard the Bible as truth. (derived from the book: Already Gone)  That is why it is important to teach children what the bible says about creation, the scientific evidence behind that truth, and why faith is important!

Hopefully, I will be able to publish these VBS programs on this blog soon. I have Pinterest boards about these themes with great craft and decoration ideas as well! Check them out... and ....

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