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VBS 2013 Courageous: Faith over Fear

As I began praying about what theme to write about, I thought about our country right now as well as the world and what is happening to Christians. Persecution is on the rise and is swiftly coming to our county's door. More than ever we need courage to stand for Christ and we need to teach and show this generation of children how to do the same. With the guiding of the Holy Spirit, I chose 4 different bible accounts of people having courage, facing their fears, and above all, placing their faith in God. These people are tried to the max, yet show courage to stand up for "God and the right". They have "the right stuff". And always God was there, even if the outcome doesn't quite come out like they planned/hoped/thought.
I didn't want to tell these "stories" like they were ancient history. I wanted to bring them into the modern age, having them interviewed on the daily news, as "Today's Top Story".
This is the first VBS curriculum I have ever wrote, so please excuse the mistakes. I wrote this for my small church. We had two groups: Pre-K-3rd gr. and 4th gr. and up. Our VBS lasted for 2 hours. It is four days of lessons and Friday is Family Night. We didn't do "themed" snacks this year. Feel free to use any or all parts of it, and if you do, please share about it in the comments!
"Courageous" by Casting Crowns was our theme song

All the following links are to Google Docs:
Poster to edit for distribution
Characters for daily television skit
Lesson: Day 1
Lesson: Day 2
Fear Factor Challenges for Day 2
Lesson: Day 3
Lesson: Day 4
Fear Factor Games

The lessons are a News cast, so wherever you will be doing the lessons, you will need a "TV." large enough for your actors to be behind. Or, if you are tech-savvy, you can make an actual video of the newscast to put on a projector screen! That would be awesome. I, however, am not tech-savvy, so we did it the old fashioned way.
The only decoration we used was a television. Our pastor had made it using cardboard pieces put together with small pieces of wood in a tri-fold fashion.

I was the news anchor, so I just set on a bar stool in front of it. We put an old projector screen in back of the actors and sheets on each side to close in the "set". On the front of the TV, you will notice a curtain rod and blanket. We used that to put up in the "screen" part of the TV while the actors were not being shown. Under it are the "dials" and the brand name.. lol! We had recorded the nightly news theme song on a CD and played it off stage at the beginning of each "segment". You can make it simple or go all out! You could have a desk for the anchor to sit behind and have "WWJD NEWS" on the front of it. Maybe have some cameras, a microphone boom, etc.... Get ideas from your local nightly news.

Believe it or not, we did not do themed crafts this year. We had an abundant of "left-overs" of craft supplies from earlier years and decided to use them. Instead of 1 craft a day, we like to set up craft stations for all week. We have a jewelry table that gets used every day, plus a table that we do different crafts on each day. We did paracord bracelets, sand art, foam visors, rock painting, pot decorating and planting a morning glory in it.... stuff like that.
At my old church, we always did a photo frame as one of the crafts. Photos were taken of each of the children on Mon. and Tues. We got the photos developed on Wednesday and then the children got them on Thursday. Everyone always enjoyed this keepsake each year. Once we started having large attendance, it was easier to just take a photo of each group.
I did find some cute themed craft ideas on Pinterest for each day. You can check them out on MY BOARD. 

 Our little church has games they play every year.... like a football and basketball throw in which the kids can win a new ball. Wednesday's are always water day and that fit in perfectly this year. We had a water balloon toss that everyone (young and old) got involved in and then the kids enjoyed splashing in the kiddie pool used in the lesson. We also had Fear Factor games for the kids. These were really fun! I have 3 ideas above in the links. The website is on the document so you can search for other fun games. I also found some themed games on Pinterest and you can look at them on MY BOARD.

Family Night
Fridays are always Family Night. We sing our songs and the pastor tells about our week. The children all receive a certificate. Then we watch a slide show of all the photos taken during the week. Afterwards we enjoy grilled hamburgers and fellowship with all the families.

If you have any questions or have trouble with any of the links, please e-mail me at:

Everything for HIS glory!


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