Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Prayer for the Sick

Since watching "War Room", I have a new desire to improve my prayer life. Yes, I had gotten slack. I still prayed... but I did not STOP and FOCUS on my prayers. I have been trying to put together a Prayer Journal and last night I dug out an old one I had started in 2001. I was so encouraged as I looked over all the answered prayers I had recorded! So many that were on my "Salvation" page are now leaders in the church! I read how many times God delivered us from financial troubles! I read about so many healings! God is so good and hears us when we pray.
I also came across a prayer that I had written to pray for the sick using the WORD. I think praying the WORD is so very powerful!  When I read this prayer, I could feel the Holy Spirit in it. I would like to share it with you.

Thank you Lord that all your word is truth and life to those that find it. Thank you Lord that your promises are Yea and Amen and that you are faithful concerning them. Thank you Lord that we can hold to the promise that by your wounds we are healed. And by our healing, others will glorify YOU. Grant us faith oh Lord to ONLY believe and not doubt. Increase our faith daily. When we awaken in the morning, may we all have been given another measure of faith. I believe for our complete healing Lord, for you are the one who makes us whole. Help us Lord, after we receive our healing, to take responsibility to care for our bodies which are a temple of the Holy Ghost. Thank you Lord, that what you do, it is done forever. Help us Lord to fill our eyes and ears with your Word, because it is our medicine. Help us Lord to open our mouths to proclaim your truths, that we ARE healed. Help us not to look at circumstances, but to keep our eyes turned upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. I speak JOY over us and peace in the time of trouble. Thank you Lord that you know all our needs even before we ask them and that it pleases you to give good gifts to your children. Thank you Lord that you supply ALL our needs according to your riches in glory.
May glory and honor be yours thru our lives. 

( Here I read off a list of those who are sick saying "Thank you Lord for healing _______ from _______)


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  1. So much truth and power in the Word of God. Thank you for sharing. I prayed this over my mom and father-in-law just now.