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VBS 2015 DinoQuest: Digging for the Truth

Are you ready to go on an adventure? This VBS program is an adventure into God’s word where kids will “dig” for the truth about creation.
Why creation?
I witnessed a phenomenon in the churches I attended, where kids who were raised in church, were graduating high school, going to college or into the workforce, and were leaving the church. Not necessarily rejecting God for a life of rebellious, radical sinning…. mainly just “losing interest”. As I puzzled over this and even had it happen in my own family, I was introduced to a book that I felt explained a lot of it: Already Gone by Ken Ham. In this book, he also witnessed the same thing in Europe. He decided to get to the bottom of it and see what the problem was. He and consumer behavior research/analyst C. Britt Beemer embarked on a research project that consisted of 20,000 phone calls and detailed surveys to a thousand 20-29 year olds who were raised in evangelical churches, but quit going.
His results were surprising to me. What it boiled down to is that the church tells one thing, the world and schools another. The schools provide “evidence” and the church says to “simply believe it by faith”. These young adults admitted that they believed the “facts” and that since the church did not offer any “facts” to counter with, their belief that the bible was truthful and accurate faded and so did their church attendance. Most said they didn’t believe in a biblical creation.
Here is my main point for this curriculum:
“Creation is the foundation of everything we believe.  It is in Genesis that we see that God created a perfect earth and that man had a close relationship with God.  Then sin came into the world and man lost that closeness and now needs a savior to bridge the gap caused by sin. If we cannot believe the first verse of the bible, that there was a literal 6 day creation, a literal Adam and Eve, and literal fall of man into sin- then there is NO need for a literal Jesus.”

We must teach our children to believe the bible not only by Faith… but also by FACTS. God has provided tons of physical evidence that his WORD is true. We as Christians must take that evidence and teach the younger generations the truth. When they are taught “other” views in school, or by television or movies, we HAVE to counteract them with truths.
Another reason for this curriculum is that Dinosaurs are awesome!!! What a fun theme to go with. This curriculum includes a daily skit featuring Darcy the Dinosaur. Workers donned fishing vests to look like explorers or archaeologists. Our decorations were awesome. I'll include photos.
I hope you can and will use this program. It is free to all. I enjoy putting together VBS programs. I took a lot of my research from Answers In Genesis as well as other creation science websites. You don’t agree with everything I wrote? That’s ok. Use what you like and improvise. I have wrote, re-wrote and changed things many times. The Holy Spirit is a great editor!  Sometimes I would be so proud of something I thought of and wrote down, and the Holy Spirit would tell me gently, “That’s not right. Take it out.”  

To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to use this curriculum

When I write a curriculum, I focus on lessons, crafts, games, decorations and snacks. My church is a really small, country church. We already have a “way” we do VBS. We are a little old fashioned. We still march in with the American and Christian flags and the Bible and say their pledges. We have certain songs we sing every year. We average 20-30 kids each day, Preschool -High School Seniors. Our VBS is from 6-8 each evening. Wednesday nights are always “water night” where during games we have water balloons, bubbles, water guns, and everyone wears something they can get wet in. Even the adults play! Friday nights are always “Family night” where we have our program, hand out certificates and have a cookout. We follow the same simple rotating schedule each year. We like to keep VBS as simple as possible, and still have a great time. We decorate the stage, and this year we decorated the fellowship hall. So, what I’m trying to get at, is that we use our same “way” each year and just incorporate the new curriculum. That’s the beauty of it all… Take what you can use and make it your own. 
If you are a seasoned vacation bible school veteran, you have already discovered what works best for your church and have stuck with it. If your church is new to VBS, you will need to experiment with different “ways” until you find what works. I suggest that “Newbies” keep it simple. I am including our schedule just in case you would like to use it.
We follow a rotating schedule. Since we are so small, we only have 2 groups that rotate. Each group rotates through 4 different stations: lessons, crafts/activities, snacks, and games. There is a group leader that guides their group to each station, keeping order and helping when needed. Each station has a leader and helpers if needed. This year I did separate the "littles" (pre-schoolers) crafts from the older kids. I wanted to make sure they had things they could do themselves. I also separated the teens (7th grade and up) crafts from the others because sometimes they get tired of doing "little kid" stuff.
Unfortunately, I am not a person who can come up with craft/game ideas on my own. But I can use Pinterest!!! Most all of these ideas I found on Pinterest or the web. I try to give the links to them all, but sometimes I see something briefly and can’t find it again to get the link. Some ideas are combinations of things, so there is no link.
Most links are to Google Docs and are separate. (Sorry, I am not very computer literate, and couldn’t figure out how to make a “book” of sorts). Please look over all my mistakes! Unfortunately I was not very good in English class and didn’t go to college, so this is by NO means “proper” and “professional”. But….. I hope you…..

And remember: Take what you need and make it your own!

Overview chart
Daily Schedule
Job List
Daily Opening Schedule and Skit with Darcy the Biblesaures

These were our certificates. To use, simply right-click on the photo and save to your computer. This is a PNG file, so that you can print it on any color paper. If you are printing it on white paper, you can save it as a JPEG. To print, use your computer printing program. Mine is Windows Photo Gallery and it gives me the option to print 2 5-7s on a page. Be sure to put "2" photos per page and UNCLICK the box "Fit picture to frame".  I left plenty of room at the bottom for signatures of the Pastor, teacher and/or VBS director.

Darcy the Dinosaur
She is a PNG file. Feel free to download to your computer and use her on posters, post-cards, certificates, t-shirts, etc...

T-shirt Ideas
For this t-shirt, I used my Darcy the Dinosaur and the font is Jokerman. I designed it in Photoshop. 
These are some other options. I used Photoshop to design them. I really like the idea of an open bible with the StarWars kind of font, and the open hands holding the Earth. If you design a different T-shirt and would like to share it, Please do!!! Just put a link in the comments :)

Here is a photo presentation of our VBS.
Also check out my Pinterest Page for more decorating ideas as well as different snacks, crafts, games and activities :)
If you decide to use this curriculum, please comment and let me know. I would also love to hear any ideas to make this better and would love to see photos! However, negative, hateful comments will not be tolerated. If you don't agree with this, just exit my blog.

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