Sunday, October 18, 2015

Go Ye ~ Memories and Lessons from my only mission's trip

11 years ago I was getting ready to go on my very first Mission's Trip. It was a dream come true. I had wanted to go on one since I was teen and then... a husband and 4 small children later... it was coming true. Our mission was in the Copper Canyon, Mexico. Our church and others were going down to stay at one village while our men would be driving each day to a different village to help build a bible school for the pastors in this area. We had many areas of ministry... construction, medical, vision, clothing distribution, and kitchen duty. That is where I was. My job was to help cook 3 meals a day for all of our crew. I will never forget that trip. I don't know if I helped anyone, but I know it helped ME. I kept a journal of my trip and was reading over it the other night. I want to share something I wrote in it. I was passionate about it then and am still passionate about it now.

Go Ye
You may not feel you're called to go into the mission field, but I think that everyone should get out of their comfort zone and "go" at least once in their life. In this modern age we're in, our minds are so trained to see everything  on t.v. and photographs as "not real". So until you GO and you actually help someone in need and you look into their eyes that are filled with gratitude.... or until you get the privilege to pray with someone who can't even understand what you're saying, but you both feel connected by the Holy Spirit.... until YOU do something, you will never understand the fullness of the scripture "Go Ye..." (Matt. 28: 19, 20) You will never fully understand how important prayer is for our missionaries until you actually experience first hand the obstacles they have to overcome. You will never fully understand how important sponsoring a missionary or a child is until you see their very sparse soup pot and their bare pantry. You won't understand fully that sometimes they have to pray for food to be provided for that day and hope that whoever God lays it on their heart to help will be obedient to God and not brush it off.
Going on a Mission's Trip also makes one realize that we live in a great land with so many privileges and luxuries. And even though I am not in a high- paying profession, my meager paycheck would be riches for someone somewhere else. I also realized that all the little unimportant things I waste money on could be stocking a pantry somewhere, or put shoes on a child in the winter, or buy a simple, over-the-counter medicine that might just save a life. And I realized that we as a whole church should use what God has graciously given us to bless our brothers and sisters around the world. You will never fully understand Christ's unity in the church as a whole unless you GO and see the other parts of Christ's Church. So make it a point in your life, maybe just once... to GO.